When is Kawhi Leonard Returning to the Los Angeles Clippers?

Published September 25, 2021 at 3:15 PM

Kawhi Leonard suffered a devastating ACL injury last season. Ever since then, the entire future of the Los Angeles Clippers has been in doubt. As any doctor will tell you, returning to your regular self after an ACL injury is hard, complicated, and not always possible.

So what does that mean for Leonard? He's one of the best players in the league. Obviously, the Clippers are hoping to have him back soon. But if you're a fan of the team, you shouldn't hold your breath hoping to see him any time soon.

Here's what president of basketball operations Lawrence Frank had to say about Leonard's return:

"Oh, we don't even breach that. I think at this point, it's just no one knows when you're dealing with a recovery from an ACL [injury], the timeframe.

Even just to save you guys [from asking] throughout the year, is no one knows. You just attack it day by day, he has a very detailed plan with a great group and we'll just let his body and the doctors tell us when it's the right time."

It's quite apparent from Frank's statement that Leonard won't be playing in the near future. He will play again for the Clippers. In fact, he recently signed a new four-year, $176.3 million deal with the team. But it definitely won't be until late in the upcoming season...if it's during this season at all.

There is a very real possibility that Kawhi Leonard won't even take to the floor during the 2021-2022 NBA season. That would definitely change the entire dynamic of the league.
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