Young King in the NBA soon?

Published July 31, 2022 at 12:49

Bronny James, richest student athlete in the USA and also son of superstar Lebron James is at the door of the NBA.

Everyone agrees that he will most likely make the NBA, the question however remains, how good will he be in the league?

NBA veteran Thaddeus Young
Has said recently that Bronny is "solid" but that he's probably not end up a superstart like his dad or an high elite player.

At this year's in-person evaluation season, which just ended this week, college coaches saw a different side of Bronny, who has often played a supporting role on his high school and travel-ball teams. Over the last few months, the Strive for Greatness roster perpetually churned, the team rarely won and Bronny was left to carry his team — a role that is familiar in the household.

«He's solid as hell,» said Thaddeus Young, who just finished his 15th N.B.A. season and sponsored a team that played Strive for Greatness, an assessment that was largely echoed by college coaches and N.B.A. scouts. «Obviously, probably not the elite of the elite. But he's athletic, he's strong, he plays defense, he can shoot the ball well, he can run the point guard position, he can play off ball.»

«I love his game,» Young added.

Billy Witz and Adam Zagoria of the New York Times relayed the news.

Bronny James will certainly become a prospect with high potential and will be worth developing for some NBA teams.

Also let's not forget the main reason why a team should draft Bronny, Lebron James.
Lebron stated many times that he would love to play with his son in the NBA one day and he support him at 100%. Drafting Bronny will potentially bring the King to your franchise and this might be the main reason to draft Bronny.

Lebron coming to your team will help not only as a player but also princeless experience for the franchise.

Here are some of Broony James highlights:

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Young King in the NBA soon?

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