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Kevin Porter Jr aims to rejoin PAOK if no NBA contract materializes

Published April 28, 2024 at 2:29 PM

Kevin Porter Jr., who faced setbacks in the NBA due to legal troubles, eventually found a new beginning in Greece with PAOK mateco, a club he's declared as his sole European preference for continuing his basketball career. This commitment was on full display as Porter Jr. played a pivotal role in leading PAOK to a victory in the Greek League (ESAKE) against Maroussi on Saturday. In this standout performance, he scored 22 points, secured 12 rebounds, and provided 8 assists.

Following the game, during a discussion about his future prospects, Porter Jr. expressed his dedication to PAOK. His desire to stay with the club underscores his commitment to the team and highlights his focus on rebuilding his professional life in Europe, should an NBA return not materialize. This stance not only shows loyalty to PAOK but also marks a significant chapter in his career, indicating his readiness to continue his development overseas while keeping an eye on potential opportunities back in the NBA.

"If it is up to me, I don't see myself, when it comes from the overseas standpoint if I am staying out here another year – if I have the opportunity to go back to the NBA, then I will probably go back to the NBA – but if it is not the NBA, I don't want to play for another club than PAOK," Porter said. "I feel like they have welcomed me and they gave me the chance that a lot of people looked over."

Kevin Porter Jr. consistently demonstrated his potential on the NBA courts, exhibiting notable skills in scoring and playmaking. His progress suggested that he was on track to possibly become an All-Star. Each season saw improved statistics and increasing confidence, especially during his time with the Rockets. Yet, Porter Jr.'s off-court legal challenges have overshadowed his on-court achievements. Despite resolving some of these issues through a plea deal, the severity of his legal troubles might deter NBA teams from considering him for their rosters. Notably, Porter Jr. was arrested in 2020, but those charges were later dropped.

Despite these obstacles, the possibility of a return to the NBA for Porter Jr. remains open. His ongoing development and past performances indicate that he still has much to offer. While his past may pose challenges, his talent and potential improvement could pave the way for a comeback, should a team be willing to provide him with another opportunity.

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Kevin Porter Jr aims to rejoin PAOK if no NBA contract materializes

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