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This team has 48 hours to file a protest against the NBA.

Published February 13, 2024 at 7:46 PM

The Knicks will officially contest their loss to the Rockets with the League's office.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN:

During Wednesday's game, the Knicks mounted a comeback from a 16-point deficit. In the closing moments of the game, a foul was called on a desperate shot made by Aaron Holiday, resulting in three free throws with less than 5 seconds left on the clock, potentially saving the game from going into overtime.

Upon reviewing the replay, it appeared that Jalen Brunson, who was deemed to have committed the foul, did not have sufficient evidence to confirm it. Ed Malloy, the chief of the referee crew, admitted as much.

Malloy informed pool reporter Fred Katz from The Athletic.

"After seeing it during postgame review, the offensive player was able to return to a normal playing position on the floor. The contact which occurred after the release of the ball therefore is incidental and marginal to the shot attempt and should not have been called."

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Source : Sport Illustrated
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This team has 48 hours to file a protest against the NBA.

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