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Top 10 Players Ranked by Most Fouls Drawn per Drive

Published February 20, 2024 at 8:53 PM

At the forefront of the most fouls drawn per drive is not James Harden; in fact, he doesn't even make the top 10.

Joel Embiid leads the league, with 18.2% of his drives resulting in fouls this season. Below is the comprehensive list:

1. Embiid—Fouled on 18.2% of drives
2. Paolo Banchero—12.8%
3. Jaren Jackson Jr.—12.5%
4. Anthony Edwards—12.1%
5. Giannis—11.9%
6. Jayson Tatum—11.3%
7. Jimmy Butler—11.1%
T8. Jalen Green/DeRozan—11.0%
10. Dinwiddie—10.9%

These statistics are based on a minimum of 8 drives per game, with a total of 78 qualifying players considered.

LeBron James, despite his prowess on the court, does not meet the criteria for this specific statistic. Opposing teams can capitalize on this insight, potentially shaping their strategies accordingly.

Here are a few noteworthy mentions:

SGA: fouled on 9.3% of drives
Luka: 9.5%
Booker: 10.0%
Dame: 10.6%
Zion: 10.3%
KD: 8.8%
Trae: 8.4%
Curry: 7.8%
Brunson: 6.9%

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Top 10 Players Ranked by Most Fouls Drawn per Drive

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