Kyrie Irving might not finish his contract with the Mavs

Published August 31, 2023 at 10:40

Kyrie Irving has signed a 3-year, $126,000,000 contract this summer. This deal will have him teaming up with Luka Doncic to play for the Dallas Mavericks. Despite joining the team through a trade towards the end of the last season and not having completed a full year with the Dallas Mavericks yet, NBA fans are already beginning to speculate whether Irving might demand a trade.

This speculation arises from recent comments made by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on the Pat Bev podcast. Cuban stated without a doubt that the Mavericks will continue to be Doncic's team and that Irving will play alongside him.

"He knows that this is Luka's team.There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. It is Luka's team. He can play two. Luka is that good that when Luka is in there, Ky needs to run to the corner? He'll run to the corner."

After Cuban's comments, fans on social media immediately began predicting that Kyrie would not appreciate the remarks and might request a trade from Dallas. These predictions carry weight because Kyrie had previously requested a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers. He sought a move due to his desire to lead his own team, rather than playing second fiddle to another superstar, specifically LeBron James at that time.

Cuban, the owner of the Mavericks for over two decades, is evidently aware of Kyrie's history. However, he believes that Irving has matured as a player since then. Cuban emphasizes that Irving's sole focus now is on winning.

He's not a 19-year-old Ky anymore, he's not a 25-year-old Ky anymore. He's a mature 31-year-old Ky, and he wants to win."

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Kyrie Irving might not finish his contract with the Mavs

If Kyrie Ends up Getting Traded Which Team would You Like to See Him go to?

Los Angeles Lakers3930 %
Philadelphia 76ers3224.6 %
Miami Heat2922.3 %
Milwaukee Bucks3023.1 %
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