Proposed Trade Finds Harden Landing in Chicago

Published August 26, 2023 at 10:01 PM

As the James Harden and Philadelphia 76ers Speculation continues, one more trade suitor emerges in the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls have reportedly been testing out the market value of stars zach Lavine and Demar Derozan with the latter being linked with a swap for James Harden. This proposal comes from Sam Vecenie of The Athletic who said on the "Game Theory" podcast this;

"They (Chicago) can still move their 2029 pick. They can still do a bunch of pick swaps. I would be trying to do that,"

"honestly, I would do James Harden and a first probably for Demar Derozan"

With rumours circulating of Embiid requesting a trade if the 76ers can not put together a championship contending roster you can be sure that they will be looking to try and receive a superstar in return for James harden. Whilst Derozan may not necessarily be perceived as an equal "Superstar" due to Harden winning multiple Scoring titles and an MVP award, he has made the All-Star game in his last 2 seasons for Chicago whilst averaging around 25 points per game and With the pairing of a first round pick this may be the best offer Philadelphia can find right now with Hardens diminishing value.

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Proposed Trade Finds Harden Landing in Chicago

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