Bulls Legend Dennis Rodman Emotional in his Return to Chicago

Published September 3, 2023 at 10:32

Chicago legend Dennis Rodman returned to the Bulls' home arena last night for the first time in over a decade. The Worm appeared on an episode of All Elite Wrestling's weekly show "Collision," where he was confronted by a group of wrestlers, including former NBA draft pick Satnam Singh. Singh became the first Indian-born player to be drafted into the NBA when the Mavericks chose him in the 2015 draft. However, he did not get to play any games for the Mavericks as he was sent to the Mavericks' G-League affiliate for two seasons before moving on to the Canadian Basketball League. After a lackluster basketball career, the 7-foot giant left basketball and pursued wrestling, where he has since been challenged to a match against The Acclaimed with Rodman this Sunday at AEW's All Out PPV.

Rodman is no stranger to professional wrestling and actually wrestled multiple times during the late '90s for World Championship Wrestling. He teamed with "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan in matches against stars like Randy "Macho Man" Savage and The Big Show, who was then known as The Giant. His most notable appearance came in 1998 when, just weeks after playing against each other in the NBA Finals, Rodman teamed with Hogan to face off against Utah Jazz star Karl Malone and Diamond Dallas Page in a tag team match.

You can watch the full match below:

Rodman was a pivotal player during the Bulls' run from 1996-1998, resulting in three consecutive championships. It could be argued that they might not have achieved this feat without him, especially considering their loss to the Magic the year before Rodzilla joined.

In an emotional backstage clip, Dennis admitted that as much as he contributed to the Bulls, the team and the city of Chicago were even more significant sources of support for him.

Rodman is the latest high-profile athlete to appear on AEW programming, joining the ranks of individuals like Mike Tyson and Shaquille O'Neal, who made debuts for the 4-year-old company. It remains unknown how extensively Rodman will be involved with AEW in the future or if this is a one-time deal possibly related to his status in Chicago. However, you can stay tuned to find out at All Out on September 3rd.

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Bulls Legend Dennis Rodman Emotional in his Return to Chicago

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