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Jason Kelce's bold take on LeBron James shocks fans

Published May 12, 2024 at 1:54 PM
Kevin Barreau
May 12, 2024  (1:54 PM)

Jason Kelce recently stirred the sports world with a hot take that LeBron James could instantly become the NFL's best red-zone threat if he switched sports. This bold statement reignited the fiery debate about which athletes could excel across multiple sports, a conversation sparked by ex-NBA guard Austin Rivers. Rivers claimed he could name 30 basketball players who'd make it in the NFL, suggesting the crossover is a one-way street.

"I love this argument and passion from Ryan, and as a football player my mind is screaming hell yea!!! But, if I was an NFL GM, and it was an option, I'd sign Lebron today and within one offseason he'd be the greatest redzone threat in the NFL."

Kelce, aligning with ESPN analyst Ryan Clark, believes most NBA stars couldn't hack it in the NFL, given the physical and mental toll football takes. But LeBron? He's a different beast. With his formidable 6'8" frame and athletic prowess, Kelce sees LeBron not just surviving but thriving, especially near the end zone where his size would be a nightmare for defenders.

The discussion has fans and pundits alike weighing in. LeBron's own high school football feats add fuel to the speculative fire. Could he really dominate on the gridiron as he does on the hardwood? While we'll likely never see it happen, the idea of LeBron donning pads isn't just a fantasy for many—it's a tantalizing 'what if.'

Kelce's claim underscores the broader respect and curiosity about the adaptability of elite athletes. While the NFL-NBA switch may largely remain hypothetical, it's conversations like these that keep the sports community buzzing about the endless 'what ifs.'

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Jason Kelce's bold take on LeBron James shocks fans

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