Harden Eyes Another Super Team For Next Season

Published August 28, 2023 at 1:00 PM

Taking his personal trade ambitions to playoff intense level, James Harden is hard dribbling his way towards an attempt to encourage, and even facilitate a trade to a team of his choice. The most recent target is The Los Angeles Clippers.

Obviously displeased with the 76er's attempts to trade him thus far, Harden has reached out to a dynamic duo potentially interested in empowering their current offensive threat with a third option. Rumour on the block is that James Harden has approached Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in his latest attempt to find a potential landing spot for his talents. However, achieving the approval of these well respected superstars is only the first step, and satisfying the 76er front office may be the biggest obstacle to overcome when making this singular dream, a mutually beneficial business transaction.

Will the 76ers Entertain Harden's Interest in Joining the Clippers

If the Clippers indeed show this mutual interest, who will they part with? Inquiring 76ers and Clippers fans would love to know. Furthermore, can both teams equate the contract and money requirements necessary in any blockbuster trade, not minor obstacles themselves, in order to finally exorcise the bad blood brewing in this much publicized stalemate?

Harden would definitely complete the trifecta that may propel The Clippers past a competitive Western Conference replete with their own three headed monsters, such as The Phoenix Suns and the New Orleans Pelicans. But is Harden complimentary to the games of George and Leonard, and will his defence deficiencies apply more pressure to the current dynamic duo, who take care of their own business at that end of the court?

Harden's Ball Handling Game May Disrupt Selfless Team Game of Clippers

The 76ers are said to be looking for a package that includes an up and coming all star combined with an inordinate number of future, first round picks, which is perhaps the reason for the stall in this scenario. Also, many basketball pundits consider Harden past his prime and a team disruptor, rather than a team elevator.

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Harden Eyes Another Super Team For Next Season

Should The Clippers Entertain Harden's Interest?

No. He will create dissension.1750 %
Yes. His Game compliments Leonard and George's.1750 %
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