Dillon Brooks finally opens up on his beef with Lebron

Published August 25, 2023 at 11:34

In a not so surprising attempt to stir more controversy between them, Dillon Brooks recently had more to chime up about regarding last year's playoff clash with Lebron James and the Lakers. In last year's opening round of the playoffs, and after having defeated the Lakers in game 2, Brooks lit a firecracker of motivation for Lebron James when he claimed the Lakers were old and beatable.

Dillon Brooks Sparks More Controversy with Comments on Lebron James

After eventually losing to the Lakers in game 6, many blamed Brooks' lack of discretion and insistence on waking the beast as the reasons for a Lakers comeback in the series. Lebron, himself, confronted Brooks before a game to discuss the ridiculous nature of the comments made. However, Brooks isn't stepping back, or even talking back his comments. Instead he claims he had Lebron under control the whole time.

Will Brooks Ever Learn His Lesson

I felt like I always had him. I feel like that series was thrown upon me cause of the words that I say. But I've been saying things all year, and we won 50 games.

Should Dillon Brooks respect his elders, so to speak, or is he puffing his chest once again in an attempt to prove to teams that he is the go to guy in the NBA when looking for a role player who can defend superstars? Either way, he isn't short of confidence, albeit delusional in the context of last year's humiliating defeat.
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Dillon Brooks finally opens up on his beef with Lebron

Is Brooks a Better Trash Talker than he is a player?

Yes. He cant' back up his words.1963.3 %
No. It's part of his game. It is effective.1136.7 %
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