Team USA Assembling Superteam for Paris Olympics

Published September 11, 2023 at 10:16

Following the USA's disappointing defeat at this summer's FIBA World Cup, LeBron James has been actively recruiting top NBA superstars to represent the United States on the international stage, in what is likely to be his final opportunity. LeBron already has 2 gold medals with Team USA, including one from London 2012 when that years NBA Finals opponent Kevin Durant was his teammate.

With other stars such as Steph Curry and Anthony Davis also being actively recruited, it seems that the USA is set to bring a superteam to Paris in 2024.

Former NBA talent Rudy Gay has proposed bringing back tryouts for Team USA, and if this happens It isn't guaranteed that all of these players will participate, although it is highly likely given their skill sets. After losing out on the last few international tournaments, Team USA is due to revamp their system and return to the winning ways expected of them.

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Team USA Assembling Superteam for Paris Olympics

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