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D'Angelo Russell used his phone during the team huddle in Game 3

Published April 26, 2024 at 3:14 PM

D'Angelo Russell's demeanor during a crucial team huddle in the Lakers' Game 3 loss to the Nuggets suggested he might have been mentally checked out, possibly contemplating an early offseason escape. Despite his significant minutes on the court, Russell remained conspicuously engrossed in his phone, seemingly indifferent to the team's strategies and discussions. This behavior, captured in a video, raised questions about his commitment and focus during the critical playoff matchup.

As the game unfolded, Russell's on-court performance mirrored his disengagement during the huddle. Despite his prominent role in the Lakers' lineup, he failed to register a single point, missing all seven of his shots, including six attempts from beyond the arc. This lackluster performance only exacerbated the team's already precarious situation, as they found themselves trailing 3-0 in the series against the defending champions, the Nuggets.

The frustration among fans was palpable, and Russell's ineffectiveness didn't go unnoticed. As boos reverberated throughout the arena, Russell's absence from the court became increasingly conspicuous, eventually leading to his benching. This turn of events further underscored the growing concerns about his role and contributions to the team's postseason aspirations.

Looking ahead, Russell's future with the Lakers appears uncertain, especially considering his underwhelming performance in crucial playoff games. His inconsistent play and apparent disengagement during pivotal moments may prompt the team to explore trade options during the offseason. As speculation mounts about his next move, Russell's tenure with the Lakers hangs in the balance, with his on-court performance and commitment under scrutiny like never before.

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D'Angelo Russell used his phone during the team huddle in Game 3

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