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For LeBron James, playing with son Bronny is no longer a priority.

Published May 2, 2024 at 10:59

There's been a lot of buzz about LeBron James wanting to team up with his son Bronny in the NBA. It was a big dream of his. Now, it looks like they're both focusing on their own paths. ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski shared that LeBron may not be pushing to play with Bronny anymore.

"I think that's the priority for them as a family, what's best for Bronny James. If it ends up [LeBron and Bronny] together, then that would be great," Woj offered. "But I don't get the sense that it's playing much of any role in LeBron James' decision on next season."

Seems like LeBron's perspective on this has shifted. With a tough playoff loss and his contract option looming, questions arise about his future with the Lakers and if he'll stick around.

It's not just about playing with Bronny now. LeBron's agent, Rich Paul, mentioned on "NBA Today" that LeBron wants what's best for Bronny's NBA journey, whether or not it involves him. This shift in focus could impact LeBron's decision in the coming seasons and add another layer to his legacy beyond the basketball court.

"Rich Paul's goal here in the pre-draft process for Bronny James is to see if there's the right developmental system or organization, a place that can take a young player like Bronny James, who went five months without playing after his heart episode certainly limited him in his season at USC," Wojnarowski said. "If he does go in the draft, he very likely would spend next year in the G League."

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For LeBron James, playing with son Bronny is no longer a priority.

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