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Sixers owners snagged 2,000 tickets to keep Knicks fans out of Game 6

Published May 1, 2024 at 9:45 PM

Ahead of Game 6 against the New York Knicks, Philly's owners and Michael Rubin from Fanatics got 2,000 tickets for fans at the Wells Fargo Center.

''The tickets will be distributed to first responders, health care professionals, community groups, and other local Philadelphia-based organizations to harness the intensity and excitement for tomorrow's crucial showdown with the New York Knicks,'' a spokesperson from the 76ers organization said in a statement.

Rubin said, "Let's go Sixers — we can do this!!" adding to the excitement. Embiid's frustration after Game 4 was clear, but they bounced back in Game 5 with a big win in Madison Square Garden.

Embiid faced extra booing from the New York crowd, showing their dislike with chants of «F*** Embiid» during free throws. His stats at home versus away games highlight the importance of Game 6. At home, he's putting up big numbers compared to when they're on the road.

With Game 6 being crucial for the 76ers, Charles Barkley encouraged Philly fans to come out strong. The 76ers aim to level the series against the Knicks in a game that's sure to be intense. Embiid's confidence in the team's ability to turn the series around adds to the anticipation, and having 2,000 more fans in the arena could be the game-changer they need.

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Source CBS News: Philadelphia 76ers ownership, Michael Rubin buy thousands of tickets for fans for Game 6 vs. New York Knicks
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Sixers owners snagged 2,000 tickets to keep Knicks fans out of Game 6

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