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Jaren Jackson Jr. speaks out on Ja Morant's off-court drama

Published May 9, 2024 at 8:24

Wow, talk about a gut punch of a season for the Memphis Grizzlies. They kicked off with high hopes, only to see them dashed from the get-go. The drama began with Ja Morant, their star player, sidelined right out of the gate due to a hefty 25-game suspension tied to some serious off-court shenanigans. Just as whispers of a comeback started to circulate in January, disaster struck — Morant went down with a season-ending shoulder injury. The result? A disheartening tumble to 13th in the Western Conference, closing out with a painful 27-55 record.

Reflecting on the troubles that shadowed the previous season, it's clear the vibe was off. Morant's prior eight-game suspension had already cast a massive cloud over the team, a cloud heavy enough to derail their playoff run at the hands of the Lakers. Despite these storms, Jaren Jackson Jr.'s loyalty never wavered. He stood firm by Morant, emphasizing the brotherhood that goes beyond the court.

"That's our brother. It's way different than just being someone's teammate," Jackson shared during a heartfelt moment on TNT's Inside the NBA.

Turning over the dark pages filled with controversies, including Morant's alarming behaviors from harassment allegations to flaunting a gun on Instagram, the team is now looking to rebuild and refocus.

Jackson captures this resilience, saying, "Sometimes, you make mistakes and stuff happens. But injuries are part of the game, unfortunately, and I've been there. [Ja]'s never had an injury like that. He handled it really well. He was still a voice at all times, he never stopped working out. I'm proud of him for that."

Last season's chaos saw an unprecedented 33 players donning the Grizzlies jersey, a record for the NBA. They shuffled through 51 starting lineups as injuries ripped through the roster. Yet, in the rubble, they unearthed potential stars like GG Jackson and Vince Williams, hinting at a silver lining for the next season.

As the Grizzlies gear up for a rebound, they're laser-focused on dodging injuries and avoiding the off-court drama that's plagued them. Next season isn't just another run; it's a mission. A mission to reclaim their spot in the Western Conference and show the world that the spirit of Memphis basketball is unbreakable. Let's root for a comeback story worth telling.

Source Clutchpoints: Grizzlies' Jaren Jackson Jr. gets 100% real on Ja Morant's previous off-the-court concerns
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Jaren Jackson Jr. speaks out on Ja Morant's off-court drama

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