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Knicks fans greet Reggie Miller with explicit MSG welcome

Published May 9, 2024 at 10:43
Kevin Barreau
May 9, 2024  (10:43)

Let's talk about Game 2 at MSG, where Knicks-Pacers history came alive. Imagine the atmosphere: electrifying! Tensions soared, and there's Reggie Miller, smack dab in the middle. As the Knicks clinched another win, the crowd erupted. "F--- you Reggie!" they chanted, stirring memories of '90s showdowns.

But let's not forget Josh Hart. That guy's pure heart! In the game's dying moments, he made a beeline for Reggie, ensuring he heard every word. It was quintessential New York, showing our passion runs deep. But amidst the chants and cheers, there's a sense of unity, a bond that ties every Knicks fan together in moments like these.

And you know what? That's what makes being a Knicks fan so special. Sure, we might stir the pot, but hey, that's the fun of it! So, as we revel in this win, let's raise a toast to the Garden faithful. With their support, who knows where this playoff journey will take us? One thing's for sure: it's gonna be a wild ride!\

Source CBS Sports: Josh Hart ensures Reggie Miller hears Knicks fans' 'f--- you' chants at MSG as Pacers legend calls Game 2
Source Sportsnet: Knicks fans give Reggie Miller an X-rated New York welcome at MSG
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Knicks fans greet Reggie Miller with explicit MSG welcome

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