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Pacers file complaint over 78 missed calls in Knicks series

Published May 9, 2024 at 9:51

Alright, Pacers fans, buckle up because it seems like your team is not taking those first two losses lying down! In a bold move, the Indiana Pacers have officially submitted a staggering 78 plays they believe were called incorrectly over the first two games against the New York Knicks. Yep, you heard that right, 78! This move came straight from the top, with Coach Rick Carlisle himself lighting the fuse.

After a tough 130-121 loss that put them down 0-2 in the series, Carlisle wasn't just frustrated—he was fired up. Originally, they hadn't planned on sending the disputed calls from Game 1 to the NBA, but after seeing a similar pattern in Game 2, they changed course.

"I can promise you that we're going to submit these tonight," Carlisle stated, right after he got booted from the game with two techs to his name.

He's making it clear: the Pacers aren't here to play games, well, at least not with the refs. Carlisle even threw some shade about the challenges of being a small-market team, hinting that the Pacers were at a disadvantage against the big-city allure of New York. The drama doesn't stop there despite a raucous Madison Square Garden crowd and some calls that left everyone scratching their heads, Pacers star Tyrese Haliburton isn't just pointing fingers at the officials.

Scoring 34 points in Game 2, Haliburton admitted,

"Let's not pretend like [officiating] is the only reason we lost. We just didn't play good enough. We just got to be better."

As the series heads back to Indianapolis, the Pacers are looking to regroup and refocus. There's talk about how to better handle Knicks' star Jalen Brunson, who's been a real thorn in their side. Despite some strategic substitutions by Carlisle, Brunson continued to break through the Pacers' defenses, especially against Andrew Nembhard.

This isn't just basketball; it's a full-on drama series with the Pacers pushing back hard against what they see as unfair treatment. And as for us fans? We're grabbing our popcorn and tuning in, because this series just got a whole lot more interesting. Let's see if the Pacers can turn this frustration into fuel for a comeback!

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Pacers file complaint over 78 missed calls in Knicks series

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