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Suns sign Vogel's replacement for $10M/Season

Published May 10, 2024 at 12:02
Kevin Barreau
May 10, 2024  (12:02)

Yo, Suns gang, strap in because your world is about to get rocked! Mike Budenholzer has just sealed a blockbuster deal to steer the ship as the new head coach of the Phoenix Suns, bagging a hefty $10 million each season. Seriously, this news is firing up the NBA streets!

Budenholzer? Yeah, the master tactician who led the Bucks to rip the 2021 NBA title right from our grasp. After a not-so-great exit from Milwaukee following a playoff flop last year, the man's back in the saddle, ready to revamp our beloved Suns.

Last season's quick playoff exit stung, right? Despite our roster stacked with stars like Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, and Bradley Beal, things just didn't click. Injuries threw us off big time, preventing our trio from truly shining together. We needed a game-changer, someone who could light the fuse and get us blasting off.

And who better than Budenholzer? The dude's a legend for turning teams around—just look at what he did with Giannis! Now, he's got his sights set on Phoenix, and it's about to get real. The pressure's on, and the buzz is real—can Budenholzer channel his inner wizard to mesh our star power into a championship-worthy force?

The vibe in Phoenix is electric, and I'm all in on this new era. Budenholzer's got the reins, and it's time to see if he can spark the magic that turns potential into championships. Get pumped, because the Valley's about to turn up the heat. Here's to hoping Bud brings that golden touch to the desert!

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Suns sign Vogel's replacement for $10M/Season

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