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2024 Free Agency : Top 5 NBA Players Likely to Be Traded Soon

Published March 20, 2024 at 8:25 PM

The NBA trade market has entered its customary hibernation phase. But it's just a temporary lull. Once the curtains close on the 2023-24 season for each team, the market will spring back to life and may witness significant activity this summer. With minimal movement during the recent trade deadline and a relatively thin pool of difference-makers in free agency, this offseason presents a chance for teams to undergo substantial transformations. While no one can predict with absolute certainty who will be traded, some speculation suggests that the following five players could be primed for new surroundings.

#1 : Jordan Clarkson, Utah Jazz

During the past two trade deadlines, the Utah Jazz have adhered to a principle outlined by GM Justin Zanik:

"I'm not going to compromise long-term joy and success because you want to avoid short-term pain and short-term disappointment."

They've been willing to trade rotation players for future-focused packages. With Jordan Clarkson's contract running out in two seasons and the team aiming for championship contention, he could be on the move. Trading him could benefit both parties, giving Utah a chance to build for the future while providing a scoring boost to win-now teams.

#2 : Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls

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For Zach LaVine, it's not about entering the trade market; it's about revisiting familiar territory. The high-scoring guard spent most of the season there, with the Chicago Bulls reportedly looking to move him. Despite efforts, no suitable trade materialized. Nonetheless, the Bulls are expected to explore trade options for him again this offseason, according to NBC Sports Chicago's K.C. Johnson. Determining LaVine's trade value remains challenging.

While he consistently puts up impressive numbers and has earned two All-Star selections, injuries and a lack of postseason success raise concerns. Additionally, with nearly $138 million remaining on his contract over the next three years, his price tag is hefty. Assessing his value is a complex task. Although Chicago may not receive a return befitting a multi-time All-Star, there's enough demand for scoring talent that the Bulls may not need to sweeten the deal with additional assets. Without insight into trade discussions, it's difficult to gauge LaVine's true value. However, his prolonged presence on the trade market suggests that his worth is not easily quantifiable.

#3 : Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers

This will provoke eye rolls from Northeast Ohioans, but the Cleveland Cavaliers' rise as one of the Eastern Conference's top teams is their strongest case for retaining Donovan Mitchell. However, it may not be sufficient, especially if Cleveland falters in the playoffs yet again, given their losing record (7-8) and mediocre net rating (minus-1.5, 18th) since the All-Star break.

With Mitchell potentially heading to free agency next summer, Cleveland risks losing him if they fail to deliver postseason success. The pressure to persuade him to stay has been evident throughout the organization. To convince Mitchell to commit long-term, the Cavaliers must demonstrate their ability to contend for a championship. Merely solid regular seasons won't suffice; Cleveland needs a deep playoff run to sway Mitchell's decision. Given uncertainties about the team's frontcourt, Darius Garland's performance, and recent struggles, a successful playoff campaign seems doubtful. If they fall short, expect Mitchell trade rumors to intensify significantly in the offseason.

#4 : Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks

Since their 2021 Eastern Conference Finals appearance, the Atlanta Hawks have fallen far from championship contention. They've been relegated to play-in status the past two seasons, likely to repeat as the No. 10 seed.

This was hardly the outcome expected when the Hawks invested heavily in Dejounte Murray, acquiring him with three first-round picks and a swap. However, the fit between Murray and Trae Young has been less than ideal, casting doubt on the success of the June 2022 trade.

#5 : Dorian Finney-Smith, Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets face a dilemma: they lack championship contention but can't tank due to owed draft picks. Dorian Finney-Smith, nearing 31 and possibly entering free agency, could fetch valuable assets in a trade. Despite recent dips, his winning contributions make him a sought-after commodity, as evidenced by the Nets' rejection of a two-first-round-pick offer for him.

Source : Bleacher Report
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2024 Free Agency : Top 5 NBA Players Likely to Be Traded Soon

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