Adrian Wojnarowski Accused of Racism By Former ESPN Insider

Published July 8, 2021 at 1:55

Earlier this week, ESPN host Rachel Nichols came under fire for her comments made off-camera regarding her colleague Maria Taylor and the network's request for her to move to courtside reporting. Somewhat overshadowed by these comments, Adrian Wojnarowski called out Nichols for being a «bad teammate».

Wojnarowski and Nichols work closely together as two of ESPN's most prominent figures covering the NBA. When former ESPN Insider Amin Elhassan caught wind of Woj's comments, he took to Dan Le Batard's show to voice his opinions:

«This guy is going to call someone a bad teammate? For real? For real? Do we want to talk about the black careers that he put a foot on because he was threatened by? Do we want to talk about that? Do you wanna talk about the new breakers with an 's' – of diverse background, who have rapport with players that Adrian doesn't have? That he saw as threatening because his sources are all front office people?»

From his comments, it appears that Elhassan is insinuating that many black reporters that have close relations with NBA players make Woj feel threatened, as his only sources are in the front offices of different organizations.

ESPN's recent push for a more diverse showing on television makes the timing of these comments interesting, as it appears that either the network or Woj himself will be forced to address these allegations.
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