BREAKING: Kevin Durant wants out of Brooklyn !!!

Published June 24, 2022 at 9:55

The Nets haven't fared as well as expected, in fact they haven't much improve any more than the Knicks have, if not worse.

Rumors were already sparling as high as the sky limit could go, before 2021 season started, analysts predicted if the Nets would fail to win a championship or at least to have reach the finals, that the team would collapse and rebuild from the ground up, thus more than likely that was the scenario.

The Nets fanbase would lose to see another championship opportunity with one of the best high-end talented players in the league, in Kevin Durant, and considering they had failed to even break through the first round of the playoffs, rumors are sparling he wants out of Brooklyn.

These rumors came to even shed more light to those claims per Shams Charania's statements:

Sources tell me that Kevin Durant is seriously mulling his future options with the Nets...There's an expectation that Kyrie Irving will now proceed shortly into finding a new home.

June 24   |   34 answers
BREAKING: Kevin Durant wants out of Brooklyn !!!

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