Here's why Dillon Brooks is hated in the NBA and why he's getting Suspended

Published March 22, 2023 at 2:58 PM

Memphis Grizzlies' forward Dillon Brooks experienced a tumultuous month recently. While Brooks has been stirring up attention all season, particularly through his rivalry with the Warriors' Klay Thompson, his actions in the past month have escalated, potentially leading to yet another suspension.

In recent weeks, Brooks found himself in a heated altercation with Donovan Mitchell, which culminated in him striking Mitchell in a man's most vulnerable area. This incident prompted Mitchell to address the situation in a post-game press conference.

The ongoing tension between Brooks and Thompson persisted following the Grizzlies' victory over the Warriors. In response to Brooks, Thompson highlighted his possession of four championship rings.

Brooks then said, "I just hold a lot of real estate over there in San Francisco."

Check out the clip:

Dillon Brooks has been suspended yet again after taunting the Dallas Mavericks' bench during a game. Known for his controversial behavior on the court, Brooks' latest incident has sparked debate among fans and analysts. Regardless, his actions have once again landed him in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Check out this clip where he receives yet another technical foul.

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Here's why Dillon Brooks is hated in the NBA and why he's getting Suspended

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