Irving is coming to take the crown this season

Published August 30, 2022 at 8:07

Kyrie Irving started playing for the Nets nearly three seasons ago.

Three seasons have already passed and we are still waiting to see him play at a high caliber for a long strech. Out of three seasons, the most he played was 30 games in one season.

Missing multiple games, injury reason and most of them non-injury reasons has been the main issue with everything around the all-start.

Even if he has missed most of the games, when Kyrie plays, he's still playing as an hear MVP player with the Nets.

According the NBA Insider Brandon Robinson, all this saga around Kyrie seems to be behind him now. Uncle Drew has been on the court non-stop and is determined to have an MVP caliber season.

Nets PG Kyrie Irving has been in the gym, focusing on weight training and core fitness this off-season. Irving's focused on having an MVP-caliber season literally. He's more than just a dribbling sensation,

Robinson wrote.

Here is a 10min video of his highlights only from last season:

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Irving is coming to take the crown this season

Will Kyrie be able to bring a championship to the Nets?

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