James Harden Bites 76ers with Threat Not to Honour Contract, NBA Bites Back With $100,000 Fine

Published August 22, 2023 at 2:13 PM

James Harden may have very well challenged the entire NBA infrastructure with his recent comments regarding his current status with the Philadelphia 76ers. Addressing his call to be traded elsewhere, Harden took the trade request a few steps further. He threatened not to honour his contract, stating he would not perform the services stipulated by his contract. Then, he dropped a step back three point bomb by calling Daryl Morey, the GM of the 76ers, a liar.

James Harden Vows Not to Honour Contract with 76ers

Prior to these polarizing statements, James Harden had actually picked up his player option for the next season, perhaps believing this was the appropriate diplomatic move to assuage a trade from the 76ers. But his frustration seemed to get the best of him, which attracted the ire of NBA officials, who have fined James Harden $100,000 for his comments.

Will Harden bully his way to a trade?

A former MVP of the league and three time scoring champion, James Harden recently commented on his potential value to any team by acknowledging that he has made the playoffs in each of the seasons he has played in the NBA. However, what's lacking in a rather illustrious career, where he has arguably revolutionized the guard position, is an NBA championship ring. Will his recent pubic comments, especially towards the GM of the 76ers, isolate or deter other owners from taking the risk on his talents? Furthermore, James has developed a reputation for jumping ship, even before the ship has been confirmed sinking. In the 76ers perspective, they remain one of the best teams in the East, whether Harden sticks around or not.

So has Harden improved his chances of being traded to a team of his preference, or has he just dug himself a deeper hole to complain from?

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James Harden Bites 76ers with Threat Not to Honour Contract, NBA Bites Back With $100,000 Fine

Has Harden improved his chances of being traded with his recent comments?

Yes. 76ers will want to clean up this mess00 %
No. He has made it more difficult to achieve value00 %
No. He has confirmed his status as a problem child1100 %
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