Jayson Tatum brushes aside Durant-Celtic rumors'

Published July 27, 2022 at 8:26

In the midst of reports that the Celtics-Nets are possibly working out a trade to retrieve the disgruntled Durant, Tatum took the middle ground when asked about the 12-time All-Star.

«I don't think any of that. I just play basketball

He said during a premier he's hosting in New York City. As the interview carries on he continues to say.

I mean, I played with him during the Olympics. Obviously, he's a great player. But that's not my decision. I love our team. I love the guys we got.»

Source: @nypost
July 27   |   45 answers
Jayson Tatum brushes aside Durant-Celtic rumors'

Should the Celtics involve Jaylen Brown and Multiple 1st round picks, for Kevin Durant?

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