On top of the pay cut, it looks like Harden's weight has taken a cut as well.

Published July 27, 2022 at 8:15

A recent photo of Sixers star James Harden has been surfacing the internet and what can we say other then Harden has been putting in work in the offseason.

It all started when James Harden showed up to the Rockets training camp overweight and in terrible condition. It was clear that he had no interest playing for the Rockets that year.

He then got traded to the Brooklyn Nets, where it was arguably the most failed construction of super team. The 3 superstars ( Kyrie, KD, James) only played 13 games together in 2 years.

Alot of Hardens struggles the past 2 years have been linked to his injuries and is questionable conditioning.

This summer, it seems that James Harden has taken a turn and focusing not only on his conditioning, but also ok getting a ring. He took a paycut for the Sixers to build a championship team around him and his fellow star Joel Embid.

Here are some of the internets best reactions to Skinny Harden.

Harden averaged his lowest tally of shooting stats in over 10 years. He averaged 21 points per game for the Philadelphia 76ers last season on 40.2 percent shooting from the field and 32.6 percent shooting from beyond the arc.

James Harden has taken this summer to silence his doubters and really work on his conditioning. He is not seen out partying anymore with famous rapper Lil Baby, instead he is hanging out with his girlfriend, and taking care of his physique.

This is the skinniest we have seen James Harden since his OKC days.
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On top of the pay cut, it looks like Harden's weight has taken a cut as well.

Will Harden have a bounce back year?

Yes, of course1650 %
No hes done1650 %
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