Kareem-Abdul Jabbar Reveals His Thoughts On The GOAT Debate: "The Question Can Never Be Answered..."

Published September 14, 2021 at 10:14 PM

For NBA legend Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, though, it's an impossible matter to settle. In a chat with basketball insider Marc Stein, he explained why:

«GOAT discussions are fun, like debating who's faster: Superman or the Flash. It's a metaphysical mystery. The question can never be answered because players from the past were trained under different restrictions and played under different rules,» the Lakers icon explained. «Then you have to ask what to give more weight to: Scoring, defense, assists? All of them? But the stats don't always reveal the particular conditions and challenges of each season. Way too many variables. How about we just discuss the O'GOAT (One of the Greatest of All-Time)?»
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