Michael Jordans low-key jab at J.R. Smith during a golf bet

Published September 5, 2022 at 11:02

Michael Jordan is a competitive dude in nature, and it seems J.R. Smith experienced that during a golf bet, between the two.

The friendly match was taking place in Nassau, and recalling the interview J.R. Smith was doing, Smith took Jordan's trash talking a little personal, but he didn't have a response to it, because it was that good, low-key good as he described it.

He threw this jab at me low-key. So we were betting right and I doubled down on one of my bets. He said, ‘Alright, what's the game?' I'm like, ‘We gon' play a Nassau.' I said, ‘Whoa, $100, not $1000.' He said, ‘I know what you meant You had a good career, not a great career. What do you want me to say?' It was great for me.

Trash talking is part of a moral nature of the game of basketball; it's not meant to be taken personally though, it's just an affective strategy to get in the head of your opponent and force a bad shot, or pass; and Michael is well known to be the best trash talker in the game.

There is no bad animosity between the two, as Smith insinuated it was friendly and cool, that Michael is smart enough to know when to deal with people to an extant; and what he said Michael was just "super-cool".
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Michael Jordans low-key jab at J.R. Smith during a golf bet

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