Research Says LeBron Gets More Abusive Twitter Messages than Any Other Athlete

Published July 8, 2021 at 11:44

If you think you have it bad on social media, try being Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

A new study from Pickwise states that James received 122,568 "abusive" messages on Twitter, which rounds out to an average of about 336 per day. That would mean that James gets more nasty messages than any other athlete on Earth. In fact, no other athlete is even close. The second-place athlete in the Pickswise study would be soccer player Marcus Rashford who got 32,328 messages, while Tom Brady garnered 28,151 abusive tweets.

Other pros mentioned on the list are Damian Lillard (20,904 messages), Steph Curry (11,203 messages), Kevin Durant (24,370), and NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace (21,750).

To hear that James is receiving hate online isn't surprising. The NBA legend has always been a target for angry critics. There is a sharp negative reaction from corners of the internet for everything he does and always had been. But the facts - and the rings - speak for themselves.

However, hatred towards James has only increased in the last few years as he won another championship and became much more prominent with his views of politics and large social issues.
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