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Published June 6, 2022 at 7:09

It was a complete dominance on the 2nd game of the Finals by the Golden State Warriors, just on the 1st quarter 11:49 seen the adjustment to Al Horford giving him no space, the intensity on defense and to sustain it by no other than their leader Draymond Green. 10:00 and 4-4 Field goals Celtics. But when the play is going Jaylen Brown streaking hot with 9 points straight and off to a great start with 9:36 on the clock.

On 5:30 The reinforcement came in Gary Payton II checked in and the fans loved it and gave ovation. He missed 10 games since May 3rd and miraculously healed fast at it could. With Jason Tatum had a slow start 2-7 field goals on 2:47 minutes remaining along with Jaylen Brown, Jason Tatum, Grant WIlliams with 2 fouls each. 2:00 left Stephen Curry made his first 3 and made a 10-2 run and shot buzzer beater floater to end the 1st half and lead by 1.
As to start the 3rd quarter Coach Udoka said to reporter that they need a physical defense for them to cope up with the game.

3rd Quarter started 9:21 remaining Klay finally made a basket and he was completely struggling as the commentator said it is way overdue

And of course Draymond Green's mind war started the tenacity, he is getting into the skins of the Celtics players, and responsible of setting up the tone of the Warriors run. and the flow comes right with the Warriors having a 16-2 run ended by Jordan Poole's buzzer beater long 3 pointer. and Poole party just began. with 29 points lead on the 4th quarter same as Curry's points and he is on the bench. 10:30 left and all bench players were in to the Boston Celtics raising white flag early by Coach Udoka.

Series Tied 1-1 GSW 107-88 Boston
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