Series of adjustment

Published June 6, 2022 at 7:10

The game now tied 1 game a piece, and both Coaches Kerr and Udoka will go back to their drawing boards in order for them to get the momentum on their side. There was a lot of noticeably situations happened and cited on Game 2 specially with the Boston Celtics. It was a great start with them shooting 4-4 from the field 10:00 in the 1st Quarter, especially Jaylen Brown is sizzling 9 points 9:36 of the 1st Quarter. Jayson Tatum got his slow start with 2-7 from the field, on 2:22 left J.B, J.T, Grant Williams careless fouls.


Despite of that Celtics still hang on with the Warriors and didn't let them go away with only 2 points lead at the half.

Klay Thompson is really struggling to get his rhythm all night long, that's why even on garbage time Coach Kerr let him go to his pace and try to be comfortable on his shooting. Start of 3rd Quarter at 9:21 finally Klay Thompson got his first triple and they built a 7-0 run. followed on sequence 6:47 Coach Udoka had his technical out of frustrations with 11 points lead by Warriors. Draymond Green's tenacity, stellar defense and getting under Celtics skin set the tone of the game. on 3:35 on 3rd Quarter Marcus Smart got his 4th foul and had a rough 1-6 field goal with 2 points. Golden State Warriors continue the onslaught wi0th 16-2 run and finished by a long bomb 3 pointer of Jordan Poole. 87-64 Warriors lead.

Thats when 29 points lead and started to fall apart with the Celtics. On 10:30 left on 4th quarter, All bench players were checked in and Coach Udoka thinks and move onto the Game 3 of the finals.

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