Shaq calls out Kevin Durant on poor leadership qualities.

Published August 3, 2022 at 10:32

The most unstoppable force in NBA history came out and called Kevin Durants leadership skills weak and soft.

Shaq who is a 4 time NBA champion and arguably the most dominant force to ever step foot on a NBA court, appeared on the Rich Eisen show and spoke about KD.

Here is what he had to say

When you put a house together, you should live in itYou, as a leader, should make it work, but you don't want to make it work, I guessYou know he's probably trying to get to a contender. It's easier that way.

This is a bit odd coming from Shaq, who left his teams several times during his career. First he left the Magic and Penny Hardaway to join up with the Lakers and Kobe. They went on and won 3 straight NBA championships.

He then had a fall with Kobe and the Lakers decided to trade him to the Miami Heat for a package that included Lamar Odom. Shaq ended up winning the NBA championship again with the Heat, but this time with Dwyane Wade as his robbin.

Fans are calling out Shaq for his hypocrisy, as in he left 2 teams to join other forces but yet he is calling out KD for not being able to lead his squad and make it work.

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Shaq calls out Kevin Durant on poor leadership qualities.

Is Shaq right about KD?

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