The Spurs TRADING Dejounte Murray for a big price

Published June 25, 2022 at 10:33 PM

According to Legion Hoops, via @JakeLFischer on Twitter, the Spurs are considering trading Dejounte Murray in exchange for three first-round picks.

There has been no official word on who is willing to give up that much for him, but rumors' are flying that the Hawks and Bucks are both interested in his caliber talent.

That being said, the Hawks could package a deal for him that would involve trading a talented defensive minded SG, in the form of John Collins, for Murray. Both players contribute similarly to their games, but Murray has a higher upside in terms of changing the landscape of a game. A new change of scenery is also beneficial to both men.

In the case of the Bucks, Jrue Holiday (32) is a likely risk. Both are defensive minded players, but Murray (24) has a better all-around game than Holiday and is younger.
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The Spurs TRADING Dejounte Murray for a big price

Who do youthink DM will contribute better with ?

Bucks2235.5 %
Hawks1117.7 %
Lakers1625.8 %
6xers1321 %
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