The Washington Wizards Have Found Their New Head Coach

Published July 15, 2021 at 2:18 PM

The Athletic has reported that the Washington Wizards have selected their next head coach after the firing of Scott Brooks.

According to the report, Denver Nuggets associate coach Wes Unseld Jr. is the new head coach for the struggling team. The deal isn't yet complete, but Unseld Jr. is definitely the front-runner for the position.

Unseld Jr. is the son of Bullets legend Wes Unseld, so hiring him feels even more fitting. He also has legitimate talent. Unseld Jr. started his coaching career back in 2005 as an assistant for the organization. He then spent time working at the Golden State Warriors and Orlando Magic before he started with the Nuggets in 2015. There, he coached MVP Nikola Jokic as well as shooting phenom Jamal Murray.

If Unseld Jr. gets the head coach position in Washington, he has his work cut out for him. After trading for Russell Westbrook, the team had an up-and-down season that showed some promise but ultimately ended with the Wiz getting wiped out in the first round.

With two bonafide stars in Westbrook and Bradley Beal on his roster, Unseld Jr. has a lot of talent but he will have to get them playing to the best of their abilities if they want to make it far in the Eastern Conference.
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