The long term consequences of Ben Simmons mental problems

Published September 1, 2022 at 9:30

Ben Simmons, point guard for the Brooklyn Nets has had many issues, mental and physical over his NBA Career.

The 26 years old 6ft 11in had a back surgery in May that many thought was all a bluff to avoid coming off the bench to help his teammates during the playoffs run against Boston last season.

Simmons struggle really started during the Philadelphia 76ers 2020-2021 playoff run when he couldn't take any shot, even an open layup and he got criticize all over social media because of that. Everything went down after they lost in game 7 against the Atlanta Hawks. He then refused to put the Philadelphia jersey for the next season sitting on the bench, not attending practice and not even talking with his teammates at all.


( Simmons passing an easy layup, game 7 2020)

During an interview with Australian reporter Damien Haffenden, O'Neal was asked about the whole saga around Ben Simmons.

He has a lot of potential

Shaquille said about Simmons.

He's had a lot of personal problems, Ben doesn't talk a lot, so nobody really knows what's going on with him, but I wish him well, and I wish he could fight through what he's going through and get to that next level.

Teammate Seth Curry spoke out about what Simmons' mental status is like these days.

There are always challenges. Foremost, he has missed a whole season. It is going to be a challenge getting his rhythm back playing basketball.

I don't know specifically what he has been through, mentally – that's hard for me to comment on – but having that year off, having that time off, of competing and playing five-on-five basketball is going to be just as hard just taking some time and getting re-acclimated to playing high-level basketball, but he is a special talent, has all the skills.

The Nets need him on the floor.

Curry added.

This season might be the one who bring him back to where he belongs, or kill the 26 years old.

If the struggle offensively continues, he will have some irreparable damages and his value and status in the NBA will take a significant hit forever.
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The long term consequences of Ben Simmons mental problems

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