This player lost $110 million after his NBA career was over

Published July 6, 2022 at 2:16 PM

Antoine Walker is a former professional basketball player. He was drafted with the sixth overall pick in the 1996 NBA draft out of the University of Kentucky and played in the NBA from 1996 to 2008.

During his 13 seasons in the NBA, Walker played with the Boston Celtics for eight seasons and with Miami after and made around $110 millions.

In an interview for Bloomberg, Walker openly talked about his financial problems and all the steps that led to that moment when he officially filed for bankruptcy.

Many NBA players filed for bankruptcy or lost all their wealth after their NBA carreer was over.

«The first big check I took and purchased a home for my mom. I usually ran with 8-10 guys that grew up in the same neighborhood as me. I wanted to show them the same lifestyle I was enjoying.»

Antoine Walker, via Bloomberg

He also loved cars so much that he would often buy expensive and exotic cars for himself and for his friends.

"A lot of exotic cars and jewelry. I had a car fetish when I was really young. I had five or six different cars, but I had the most expensive cars like Bentley, Maybachs, and Mercedes Benz. I was into designer watches and timeless pieces you can have forever. "

Antoine Walker, via Bloomberg

But ultimatitly, gambling was his biggest problem

«I lost a significant portion of money gambling. I used to go to Las Vegas and gamble. I lost the bulk of my money investing in real estate. In 2007,2008, we went through a recession, and I got caught up in that web, which ultimately resulted in me losing a bulk of my wealth. So you add these three things together that played a huge part in losing most of my finances.»

Antoine Walker, via Bloomberg

Here are some of his highlights:

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This player lost $110 million after his NBA career was over

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