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Draymond Green Calls Out Anthony Davis

Published April 28, 2024 at 12:17

Warriors' defensive stalwart Draymond Green didn't hold back in expressing his disapproval of Anthony Davis' recent comments targeting his head coach, Darvin Ham. Green took aim at Davis for not hesitating to throw Ham under the bus following the Lakers' Game 2 loss.

Green's frustration stems from Davis' remarks during a live TV interview after the defeat. Davis voiced concerns about the team's performance, suggesting they often felt lost on both ends of the court. Green found Davis' public criticism of Ham unacceptable, particularly given Ham's composed response, where he diplomatically stated he
"agrees to disagree"
with Davis' assessment and emphasized the coaching staff's dedication to efficiency and organization.

Defending Ham, Green expressed his disappointment, highlighting Ham's background as a former player and a black man. Green felt it was unfair for Davis to target Ham, implying that the coach was not responsible for the Lakers' postseason losses.

Green believes that Ham does his utmost to put the Lakers' stars in favorable positions to secure substantial leads, as evidenced by their strong start in Game 2. He argues that Davis should take accountability for the team's struggles rather than shifting blame onto the coach or the game itself.

Despite holding leads in all postseason games thus far, the Lakers have failed to capitalize, with their frustration apparent against Nikola Jokić and the Nuggets, particularly Jamal Murray, whose impressive shots have rattled the Lakers' defense. Green suggests that Davis and his teammates appeared ill-prepared to face the reigning champions.

As the Lakers find themselves trailing 0-3 in the series, Green believes Davis' attempt to shift blame onto his head coach reflects the team's overall frustration and lack of direction.

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Draymond Green Calls Out Anthony Davis

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