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Matt Barnes had this to say about JJ Redick

Published May 11, 2024 at 1:12 PM

Hey Lakers fans, it's coaching carousel time, and guess who's name just popped up? JJ Redick! Yup, Matt Barnes is pushing for his pal to take the reins, and he's serious about it. Chatting with TMZ Sports, Barnes praised Redick's sharp basketball mind, insisting he's more than ready to lead the Lakers back to the spotlight.

"JJ's a great mind, he definitely deserves a shot. That Lakers seat is always going to be a hot seat, and it's always going to be a fall seat. So whoever takes it better be ready. Gotta have tough skin." (0:19)

The hunt is on for someone who can reignite the Lakers' championship dreams after Darvin Ham's exit. Barnes, who knows a thing or two about the L.A. drama from his days in purple and gold, sees Redick as the perfect fit. Yes, they're tight, but Barnes swears this isn't just bro-talk.

With big names like Kenny Atkinson and potentially Ty Lue being tossed around by insiders like Shams Charania, Redick's chances seem real. Could the former Duke standout transition from NBA sniper to head coach?

Oh, and here's a spicy take: Barnes even floated the idea of LeBron as player/coach. Talk about a plot twist! Although, it's up in the air if LeBron will even suit up next season, much less coach.

So, what's the vibe, Lakers crew? Ready to rally behind a new face like Redick, or should the team aim for a seasoned coach? Let's hear your picks!

Source Fadeaway World: Matt Barnes Says Lakers Should Give JJ Redick A Shot
Source TMZ: Matt Barnes Lakers Should Give JJ Redick A Shot ... 'Great Basketball Mind'
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Matt Barnes had this to say about JJ Redick

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