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Report: Best landing spots for these 4 superstars next season

Published May 6, 2024 at 10:53
Kevin Barreau
May 6, 2024  (10:53)

As NBA players eye the trade market this summer, remember: the grass isn't always greener—but sometimes, it totally is. We're diving into which trades could be game-changers and which ones might just flop for the hottest names this offseason. These are the 4 best fits for Kevin Durant, Trae Young, Donovan Mitchell & Zach LaVine.

Kevin Durant: The Golden State Warriors

If the Suns' swift playoff exit has Kevin Durant considering options, a Warriors reunion could be perfect. KD and the Warriors have changed since their dominant run, but they might just need each other now. Golden State, hungry for another star to join Steph Curry, could use Durant's elite scoring. Plus, with the Warriors missing the playoffs three times in five years, Durant won't face the bandwagon criticism this time around. This move could hit just right for both.

Trae Young: The San Antonio Spurs

Since Trae Young's arrival in Atlanta in 2018, the Hawks have struggled defensively, never ranking better than 18th in efficiency. This has raised doubts about Young's ability to lead an even average defense, making Dejounte Murray a more favored trade target. However, pairing Young with Victor Wembanyama, the 7'4" rookie sensation from San Antonio, could change the narrative. Wembanyama's defensive prowess could complement Young's offensive skills perfectly. With Young's career averages of over 25 points and nine assists, and Wembanyama's potential as a Defensive Player of the Year, this duo could turn San Antonio into playoff contenders next season.

Donovan Mitchell: Miami Heat

If the Heat snag a playmaker like Donovan Mitchell and stay healthy, they could be serious title contenders next season. They've come close before, with Erik Spoelstra maximizing a limited offense through sheer #heatculture and defense. This summer, Miami is on the hunt for a star, and Mitchell, with his elite backcourt scoring and close ties to Bam Adebayo and Dwyane Wade, could be the perfect fit. Imagine Mitchell in Miami, running pick-and-rolls with Adebayo and sharing the scoring load with Jimmy Butler. With such talent led by Spoelstra, the Heat could be unstoppable. (A trade would likely mean Tyler Herro heads the other way.)

Zach LaVine: Orlando Magic

Zach LaVine presents a complex trade puzzle. With a long injury history, a hefty contract, and limited team success over a decade in the league, he's not the easiest sell. But for a team desperate for scoring, he could be tempting. Enter the Orlando Magic. They've shown progress this season but are held back by their 22nd-ranked offense. The team struggles to score unless they're drawing fouls. Orlando needs what LaVine offers: scoring, spacing, and shot-creation. Plus, with defenders who can compensate for LaVine's defensive shortcomings, he might just fit. Orlando also has financial flexibility before Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner's second contracts begin, making LaVine's large salary more manageable. If his injury history and contract could lower his trade value, Orlando might secure a key player without sacrificing too much of its asset base.

Source Bleacher Report: Best and Worst Landing Spots for NBA Trade Targets
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Report: Best landing spots for these 4 superstars next season

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