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Report : Lil Wayne rates Lakers' season as a failing 'F' grade

Published May 4, 2024 at 1:43 PM

Lil Wayne, long-time Lakers enthusiast and frequent guest on 'UNDISPUTED,' shared his deep frustration after watching his favorite team get knocked out by the Denver Nuggets in the playoffs yet again. During his appearance, Weezy didn't hold back on praising the Nuggets for their impressive gameplay and resilience. He lauded key players like Jamal Murray, Nikola Jokic, and Michael Porter Jr. for their crucial roles in Denver's consistent triumphs over L.A.

Despite the respect he has for the Nuggets' skills, it's clear Weezy's heart remains with the Lakers, leading to a notable shift in his persona from "Weezy Fly" to "Weezy Frustrated." This change reflects his growing disappointment with the Lakers' repeated playoff exits.

"One thing I noticed about the whole Denver Nuggets team, they never have a bad, a full bad game. They can have a bad half, and usually, mostly, the bad part of the game is going to be in the first half, and it's not just Murray. It's all the way down to Jokic, it's all the way to Porter, they all do the same thing. And it's rare that they do it, you know, vice versa, where they have the good part of the game. But with that good part in the first half, it'd be like almost historical. So where they don't even have to do nothing in this, you know. And so it's one of those situations. Skip, they call me, you know, out here they call me Weezy F, baby. The F is for frustrated. That's how frustrated I was."

Before the postseason even kicked off, Lil Wayne sensed trouble for the Lakers facing a powerhouse like the Nuggets. And sure enough, the Lakers' inability to keep pace with Denver's solid performance has left both the rapper and the global fanbase feeling deflated.

With the offseason on the horizon, Lil Wayne, along with Lakers fans everywhere, are left to ponder what could've been and what needs to change. It's a somber time for those who bleed purple and gold, as they reckon with an underperforming season and the challenges that lie ahead.

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Report : Lil Wayne rates Lakers' season as a failing 'F' grade

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