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Unexpected update on All-Star Game viewership

Published February 19, 2024 at 5:57 PM

Since Michael Jordan's final appearance in 2003, NBA All-Star Game ratings have seen a notable decline, with the 2003 event being the last to surpass 10 million viewers.

The game, which traditionally drew large crowds and significant TV viewership, has experienced a steady decrease in ratings since the early 2000s, particularly after Jordan's departure.

Additionally, there has been a noticeable shift in the game's dynamics over the years, reflected in the declining number of total fouls committed. In 1993, the game saw a high of 62 fouls, indicating its intense physicality. However, by 2024, only 3 fouls were called, underscoring the transition to a more offensive-oriented showcase.

Adam Silver might have found a solution:

"An idea that's come up in the past is doing the Ryder Cup style, except not just the US versus Europe, [rather] the US versus the World, One of the reasons we hadn't done that historically was there's an imbalance because even as the number of international players grows, it's still far less than half. But I think to me as we look to make it more engaging for fans, that shouldn't be the sole reason we don't do it. I think we could add additional All-Stars. There's something we could do."

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Unexpected update on All-Star Game viewership

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