Charles Barkley Drops Major Insight on Mavs Kyrie Irving Signing

Published August 29, 2023 at 9:50

Despite rumors of Kyrie joining former Cavalier teammate LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers at the start of the offseason, the Dallas Mavericks extended the star guard's contract by 3 years in a deal worth $126,000,000. Pairing him up with Slovenian star Luka Dončić makes the Dallas backcourt arguably the most offensively dangerous in the NBA.

Former MVP turned pundit, Charles Barkley, isn't a fan of the Mavericks' signing and has expressed his opinion that a sign and trade deal would have been more advantageous for the organization. Barkley is renowned for his unfiltered honesty when it comes to current NBA stars. He notably criticized Damian Lillard for his trade request. Now, during an appearance on the Bill Simmons podcast, Barkley had this to say about the pairing of Dončić and Irving in the backcourt.

«I was surprised that Mavericks did that, to be honest with you. I personally, just my personal opinion as an amateur GM, I would've did a sign-and-trade,»

«Tried to rebuild my team because I don't think that the Luka-Kyrie thing works together You see that small window. They don't complement each other. I actually thought that the Mavs were gonna do a sign-and-trade. I thought that would've been the best way for their team to get better. Now, they are married to each other and I just don't see that thing working in Dallas,»

This isn't the first instance of Barkley criticizing the Mavericks duo. Back in March, during an episode of "Inside The NBA," he elaborated on his reasons for believing that the Mavericks' stars weren't performing well, citing their lack of defense as a key factor.

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Charles Barkley Drops Major Insight on Mavs Kyrie Irving Signing

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