Former Player Claims The NBA Finals Are Corrupted

Published August 28, 2023 at 4:17 PM

Exploring NBA Conspiracy Theories: Putting an End to Game Fixing Claims

The NBA often draws wild conspiracy theories about its games. Some even suggest that the games are rigged. Although this might sound crazy, there's an instance where a former NBA player believed it actually happened.

Recalling the 2012 playoffs, the Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics were gearing up for a decisive Game 7. The winner would advance to face the Miami Heat in the next round. Evan Turner, part of the 76ers back then, offered a unique take on that game. He straightforwardly expressed,
"To be honest, I was on that team, and I didn't even want to see the Sixers play against the Heat. Do you realize how much money the NBA would lose?"

Turner shared on Gils Arena Show via Legion Hoops,
"We need a 15-point lead just to secure a 1-point victory."

While the idea of a LeBron James-led Heat team clashing with the Celtics would have thrilled many fans, it's vital to note that the NBA doesn't manipulate game results. Recent instances support this notion. Consider the latest season: the NBA had the choice to feature the Celtics against the Los Angeles Lakers in the finals. However, the matchup turned out to be between the Heat and the Denver Nuggets. Even though this might not have generated the highest ratings, it accurately represented the teams that genuinely deserved the spotlight.

Although some players or fans might find it difficult to accept, the NBA's core goal is to crown the most deserving champions. This unchanging principle remains rock-solid.
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Former Player Claims The NBA Finals Are Corrupted

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