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The Warriors went all in for this Lakers superstar

Published February 14, 2024 at 12:01

The Warriors owner, Joe Lacob, spent 24 hours trying to bring LeBron James to the Warriors. There was an owner-to-owner conversation between him and Jeanie Buss regarding this matter.

With the support of LeBron's friend, Draymond Green, the Warriors attempted to offer a package deal to the Lakers to facilitate a blockbuster trade. At any hint of dissatisfaction from LeBron ahead of the trade deadline, the Warriors made every effort to acquire him.

Similar to his approach with Kevin Durant in the past, Green, who shares the same agent as LeBron, Rich Paul, reached out to LeBron via text to discuss the possibility of a trade or at least being open to the idea.

Unfortunately, Rich Paul and LeBron James decided to remain with the Lakers, opting to decline the player option which would result in a pay raise and ultimately re-signing with the Lakers.

This potential trade would have been the trade of the decade if the Warriors had managed to pull it off.

Both teams are currently in the play-in position as they compete for a playoff spot until the end of the season.
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The Warriors went all in for this Lakers superstar

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