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The Boston Celtics Are The First Team To Secure a playoff Spot

Published March 15, 2024 at 6:25 PM

The Boston Celtics have clinched their playoff berth this season with a stellar 127-112 victory over the Phoenix Suns, boosting their record to an impressive 52-14. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia 76ers' loss to the Milwaukee Bucks has widened the Celtics' lead to 16 games over the sixth seed, securing their spot in the postseason.

Maintaining a commanding lead in the standings for months, the Celtics boast a net rating of 11.3, tying them with the 2015-16 Spurs for the fourth-best in NBA history. Their dominance puts them on course for their first 60-win season since 2008-09, along with a formidable 30-3 home record and 15 victories in their last 17 games.

In their recent triumph, Jaylen Brown's outstanding 37-point performance, coupled with Al Horford's six 3-pointers, propelled the Celtics to success. Despite Kristaps Porziņģis nursing a hamstring strain, the team has only six games remaining against teams above the Play-In Tournament threshold.

While the victory over the Suns marks their second triumph in the past week, the Celtics have shown resilience following a brief losing streak against contenders Cleveland and Denver. Despite their formidable season, the Nuggets remain the sole team to consistently challenge the Celtics.

Are the Celtics primed to seize the apex spot in the East?

Entering Thursday with a comfortable 9.5-game lead, the Celtics are poised to secure the top seed in the Eastern Conference. However, their playoff path could pose challenges, with formidable teams like the 76ers and Miami Heat vying for a spot in the Play-In Tournament. Should Joel Embiid return to full health or Miami regain its late-season form, Boston could face a tough first-round matchup. Additionally, threats from teams like the Bucks, Cavaliers, and New York Knicks loom, making the Eastern Conference journey anything but easy.

Despite the competition, the Celtics have performed like frontrunners in the conference. Basketball-Reference.com's playoff probability tool indicates a 75.8-percent chance of reaching the NBA Finals and a 59.3-percent chance of securing their first championship since 2008. While these odds may seem optimistic, they underscore the statistical dominance the Celtics have displayed. With an impressive 11.3 net rating, Boston has outperformed its Eastern counterparts by nearly seven points per 100 possessions, highlighting their prowess on the court.

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The Boston Celtics Are The First Team To Secure a playoff Spot

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