Kyrie Irving Getting swamped with love in China

Published September 18, 2023 at 5:21

Dallas Mavericks' star point guard, Kyrie Irving, known for his unpredictable nature on the court, remains a global basketball sensation. His recent visit to China for a highly anticipated Anta event showcased his enduring popularity.

In July, Irving inked a lucrative signature shoe deal with Anta, the prominent Chinese sportswear company, after parting ways with Nike. This collaboration also saw him assume the role of the brand's chief creative officer, amplifying the anticipation surrounding his trip to China.

As Kyrie Irving touched down for the Anta promotional event, a tidal wave of cheers and applause greeted him at the Xiamen airport. The fans' fervor was unmistakable as they swarmed around him, creating an electric atmosphere that continued onstage during the event. Witness the excitement in the photos below:
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Kyrie Irving Getting swamped with love in China

Do you think Kyrie will be as successful at Anta as he was at Nike?

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