Paul George predicts which player will be the overseas GOAT

Published August 29, 2023 at 5:25 PM

The present NBA boasts a plethora of international superstars, as evidenced by the fact that the last five NBA MVPs have been awarded to international players. This marks a departure from previous eras of the league, where international players were seldom seen, particularly among the league's elite. However, one player appears to distinctly outshine the rest. According to Paul George, Slovenian guard Luka Doncic is on a trajectory to surpass all current and former international players, ultimately becoming the greatest of all time.

During an episode of his show "Podcast P," the Clippers forward asserted that Doncic stands out as the most complete offensive talent across the entire league. He proclaimed that the time has come for Doncic to take the spotlight.

"Not next up Luka is now. Like Luka is for real now, like he's passed that next step after his first season. Like, you knew Luka's gonna be that guy and he's that guy now ... His size his scoring ability his playmaking his IQ his vision."

Despite having been a teenage star in the Euroleague, securing championships and MVP awards, Doncic's NBA accolades pale in comparison to those of other international greats like former MVPs Dirk Nowitzki and Hakeem Olajuwon. Nevertheless, Doncic is only 24 years old, and despite his relatively modest NBA honors thus far, he has achieved 4 All-Star selections and earned a place on the All-NBA team 4 times during his 5 seasons with the Dallas Mavericks. Given that Doncic likely has a decade or more of his NBA career ahead of him, there's an anticipation that he will accumulate individual season awards and contend for championships in the foreseeable future. It's due to this promising trajectory that George envisions him as the potential greatest international player of all time.

"I mean this we're talking about being the biggest International player now. Like that's surpassing GOATs, you know, I mean that's surpassing Dirk, that's surpassing Tony Parker that's surpassing Hakeem. Like he's got a chance to be the biggest International guy, surpassing Giannis in a way."

You can watch the full clip of Paul George speaking about Luka Doncic below:

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Paul George predicts which player will be the overseas GOAT

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