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This duo just set a new record

Published May 10, 2024 at 5:01 PM

What a turnaround for the Dallas Mavericks! Luka Doncic and PJ Washington just put on a show that'll be etched in NBA playoff history. Coming off a rough Game 1 loss, they bounced back hard in Game 2 against the Oklahoma City Thunder, balancing the series and snatching back homecourt advantage. Trust me, that's a big deal in the playoff grind.

The dynamic duo not only dazzled but made history—both notching over 25 points, grabbing 10 rebounds, and sinking at least five 3s. That's never been done before in a playoff game! Doncic's brilliance is almost expected, but Washington? He erupted for 29 points, including seven treys, showing that he's more than just a background player.

With Kyrie Irving only adding nine points, it was Washington who stepped up, proving himself as potentially the third crucial piece in the Mavs' puzzle. His ability to stretch the floor is a game-changer for Dallas. And let's not overlook the entire team's performance—18 threes and shooting nearly 50% from deep? That's firepower that can shift any series!

PJ Washington's role has been transformative. Remember that viral moment against the Clippers? When he stood firm during a scuffle, showing he's got the grit Dallas needs. This guy is more than a solid player; he's a statement maker, bringing toughness and a never-back-down attitude that's reshaping the Mavericks.

Looking ahead, Washington's versatility is crucial, especially with Maxi Kleber's postseason in jeopardy due to a shoulder injury. Washington's stepping up in defense, switching across positions and bringing a new depth to the Mavericks' strategy.

Game 3 is coming, and with Washington riding this high, it's tough to see how OKC can respond. He's not just playing in the playoffs; he's owning them. For a guy in his first playoff run, Washington is proving he's built for the big moments and right at home with the high stakes in Dallas. Let's see if he can keep this intensity burning in front of the home crowd. The Mavericks might just have found their secret weapon, and I'm all here for it!

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This duo just set a new record

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