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Ex-NBA Coach: LeBron should lead Lakers as coach

Published May 9, 2024 at 8:56

The Los Angeles Lakers are shaking things up again, folks, and this time it's Byron Scott throwing a curveball into the mix of who should be calling the shots. After a disappointing playoff exit courtesy of the Denver Nuggets, the Lakers decided it was time for a change, letting go of head coach Darvin Ham and his crew. The coaching carousel spins once more in LA, and while names like Mike Budenholzer and Tyronn Lue are floating around as potential successors, Scott's got a wild card suggestion — LeBron James.

Yeah, you heard that right. Byron Scott, a Laker legend himself, reckons if LeBron's already influencing major decisions, why not just hand him the playbook too? «My recommendation [for] the next Lakers coach ... is make LeBron [James] the [head] coach. Make him the coach,» Scott declared on Undisputed, arguing that LeBron's deep involvement in team strategy could seamlessly transition into a formal coaching role.

But here's the kicker — Scott's take isn't just about empowering LeBron. He's calling out the absurdity of the situation, highlighting how every potential coach's compatibility with LeBron is a pivotal factor. And he couldn't help but chuckle at JJ Redick, LeBron's podcast buddy, being considered. It points to the personal dynamics overshadowing professional qualifications in the coaching hunt.

While Scott and co-host Skip Bayless speculate that LeBron might shy away from the dual role to avoid the full weight of responsibility, Scott's bluntly questioning the Lakers' real needs from a head coach. With LeBron still dominating on court at 39 and Anthony Davis in top form, Scott's essentially asking: why not cut to the chase and crown LeBron as head coach?

It's a bold, somewhat humorous take from Scott, reflecting the high-drama world of LA basketball where the spotlight never dims and every move is dissected. But, let's not forget, NBA rules wouldn't actually allow a player-coach role. So, while it makes for an interesting debate, it's just that — a debate. As for Scott, he's made it clear, he's not looking to dive back into that high-pressure cooker. Lakers' coaching gig? Been there, done that. The saga continues in Lakerland, and we're all just here for the ride.

Source Clutchpoints: LeBron James should be the next Lakers coach, according to Byron Scott
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Ex-NBA Coach: LeBron should lead Lakers as coach

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